December 23, 2013
Hi everyone! Did you miss me? :) I have been painting new aceos and sketch cards, sexy mermaids and more! I am getting ready to celebrate the holidays by painting a few new Vampirella sketch card and mermaids!
Just google the word: SOFIANIME to find my newest art.
Check out my new paintings at:!

I also wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and a very prosperous 2014!

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There is a new painting in the gallery section! I'll leave you with my newest painting, an Egyptian Mermaid Queen with Ancient Hieroglyphs. Enjoy!
I am in the process of updating and adding more art to my website.
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For the curious fans looking for my Aceo XR by Sofianime original art, it is listed at:! Some of the art there is NSFW! so click at your own discretion! You have been warned!

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To all of my fabulous art collectors all over the world, I will never get tired of saying this: thank you! thank you! thank you so much! for collecting my art.
Thank you all for your messages and emails, I am so happy to know you are enjoying the art so much!

For those fans who asked, my original Aceo paintings take me anywhere from four hours to over ten hours to create, depending on how complex they are, and how much detail I end up adding to the painting.
I use professional grade art supplies to create them, so they can last you a lifetime of enjoyment!
So get started collecting my Aceos! The scanner does not do justice to my art. The original aceos and sketch cards look so much more detailed and colorful when help up close in your hands! :)

Enjoy the art!
See you all soon! Much love to you all! :)
~Elisa Chong :)

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